Due to the Coronavirus situation:

To attend a Shabbos or Yomtov service you must book in advance.

By booking you are confirming that you will adhere to all the Cardiff Synagogue’s regulations and the Covid Warden.
You cannot attend:
For 7 days if you have cough or fever (temp of 37.8C or
higher) or loss of sense of smell and taste or feeling unwell.
If you are in isolation with a family/household member as per the government guidelines.
You cannot attend if exposed to someone with coronavirus symptoms. This would be 14 days from the last point of contact with that individual.
You cannot attend the shul if you fall into the ‘extremely
vulnerable’ categories as explained by government guidelines.

You may wish to consider if it is safe for you to attend if you are vulnerable and you may wish to consult a doctor as needed.




              SERVICE TIMES

We have morning minyanim on Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays and evening services daily

Tea and coffee are served every morning after minyan.

If you have a Yahrzeit, are saying Kaddish, simply want to daven, or feel like helping to support the community by ensuring a minyan, please come along.

The Shul has spare Tefillin and there is always somebody who can help guide you putting them on if you need.

  Shabbat Services
Friday nights
Shabbat mornings
Shabbat Mincha